Virtual Date Nights That You NEED To Try

Virtual Date Nights That You NEED To Try
Gü Milk Chocolate Mousse

Being miles apart does not mean that date night is out of the question, seriously.

1. Craft Together

Get on a video call and gather all your arts and crafts. Challenge each other to mould plant pots from clay, draw each other’s face with colourful pens or why not try to upcycle your Gü ramekins? They make for great tea light holders, candles or plant pots! Whether you’re a crafting pro or you’re just starting out, remember that this is for fun! Why not post each other your creations for little keepsake gifts! 

2. Virtual Movie Night 

Sometimes all we want is to snuggle up on the sofa and have a chilled movie night. Get your other half on a video call, choose a film and press play at exactly the same time. You can talk about the plotline, giggle at punchlines or cry together at emotional scenes. To top it all off, treat yourselves to your favourite Gü desserts, the perfect date night companion!

3. Digital events & online experiences 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking… we are all sick of video calls. But hear us out. There are lots of great things you can take part in over a video call! From becoming a wine tasting connoisseur to cooking classes and even virtual music events, there’s something for everyone. Whether you live with your partner, or in a long-distance relationship, log onto those laptops and find something that takes your fancy.

4. Virtual Restaurant

Dine together at your own virtual restaurant. Lay out a table cloth, set your plate, knife and fork and light some candles. Pick your favourite takeaway or cook a delicious recipe. And finally get on a call with your other half, with your phone or laptop placed across the table. Both cook the same meal so you can compare flavours, tastes, or even boast at how much better your own plate looks. Make sure to have something sweet for dessert… Gü of course. 

5. Book Club

Since we all have a little bit more time on our hands, try a book club with your partner. Pick out a book that you both want to read, or maybe re-read one of your favourites. Once a week chat about the storyline, characters and what direction you think the story will go. And when you’ve finished one book, go onto the next one! How many books can you read this year?

Virtual Date Nights That You NEED To Try