NEW Friday Night Delights - Available Now!

NEW Friday Night Delights - Available Now!
Gü Milk Chocolate Mousse

Get Flavours from around the world to the palm of your hand with THREE new treats from Gü!

Double Caramel Crème

Get lost in the luxurious layers of our French-inspired Double Crème Caramel. Treat yourself to the irresistible duo of silky French butter caramel with a pinch of Guérande salt and British cream, perfected by our incredible patisserie chefs. Enjoy the harmony of flavours with every mouthful, we like to think that doubling the layers, doubles your pleasure.


Escape to the Veneto region of Italy with a sweet pick me up that you won’t be able to put down! Delve into the decadent layers of dark chocolate coffee crème made with carefully roasted Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, on a crumbly biscuit base, with a creamy layer of mascarpone and Sicilian Marsala wine. All topped off with the delicious double chocolate and coffee infused Gü ganache. Each spoonful of Tiramisu transports you to the beautiful Italian hills, there’s no need for boarding passes here, Gü is the only getaway you need.

Cherry Panna Cotta

Fancy a treat packed with a fruity punch? Our Cherry Panna Cotta gives you a taste of summer and is the perfect balance of creamy vanilla and sour cherry compote. We promise that it will leave you wanting more. Grab a spoon and dive into the gently cooked vanilla panna cotta and mascarpone, topped with a refreshing cherry compote. A cheeky treat that is so more-ish, you won’t be able to resist sneaking another.

NEW Friday Night Delights - Available Now!