Chocolate Choux Christmas Puddings

Chocolate Choux Christmas Puddings
Gü Milk Chocolate Mousse


Chocolate Choux Pastry

90ml water

80ml whole milk 

5g caster sugar

3g fine salt

65g unsalted butter

75g plain flour

10g cornflour

20g cocoa powder

4 large eggs (beaten)

Christmas Pudding Crème Patisserie 

355g whole milk

175g whipping cream

75g egg (approx. 2 small)

110g caster sugar

25g egg yolk (approx. 1 large)

50g cornflour

150g Christmas pudding

50ml brandy 


150g white chocolate

White fondant icing (3/4 coloured green, 1/4 coloured red)


Chocolate Choux Pastry

Boil the water with the milk, salt, sugar and butter.

Sieve flour with cornflour and cocoa powder. Add this mix to the pan of water mix and cook the dough for 3-4 minutes whilst constantly mixing. 

Place in a mixer or bowl and beat the dough until it cools a little. 

Add the eggs at intervals when the dough is around 60°C (you may not need all of the egg). 

Continue until the mixture is at the ribbon stage (when lifted with a spatula, the dough drops in a ‘V’ shape). 

Pipe Choux pastry onto tray in 30g balls. Bake in the oven at 180°C. 

Christmas Pudding Crème Patisserie 

Boil the milk and cream together. 

Whisk together sugar, cornflour, egg & egg yolk. 

Pour hot milk mix over egg mix and whisk. Add this back to the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes whisking all the time to avoid burning or sticking to the pan. Once cooked, the mixture should be very thick and have no taste of cornflour. 

Pour onto a tray lined with cling film and chill until fully cold.

Once chilled, using a blender, mix the crème pat with the Christmas pudding and brandy until smooth. 


Once the choux buns are baked, make a hole in the bottom of each one using a small knife. 

Once cooled, pipe your Christmas pudding crème pat into each choux bun until full. Be careful not to over fill and split the choux buns. 

Decorate with white chocolate and holly leaf & berry decorations as per brownie recipe. 

Chocolate Choux Christmas Puddings