10 At Home Date Night Ideas

10 At Home Date Night Ideas
Gü Milk Chocolate Mousse

We know Date night is going to be a little different, so here is some date night inspiration.

1. Dance, Dance, Dance date night

When was the last time you properly danced with your partner? And no, TikTok routines do not count! Get those heart rates up and try learning a new dance. Salsa, ballroom, jazz or contemporary! There’s plenty of videos, tutorials and music online, you’ll be a pro in no time! And the perk of a date night in, who cares how silly you look in the comfort of your own home? 

2. Movie date night

Recreate the nostalgia of stepping into a Cinema! The smell of popcorn around you, and sinking into the cinema chair. Choose your favourite film, horror, rom-com or classic Hollywood and sit back and relax. Oh, and how could we forget? Make sure to snuggle up on the sofa with your favourite Gü Dessert to top it all off. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a movie marathon?

Whatever you’re doing, from dancing around your living room to indulging in Gü, have fun and enjoy your date night at home! Don’t forget to tag and show us what you’re doing on date night @GüPuds

3. Throwback date night

Who really looks at their camera roll?...Exactly! Make yourself a hot chocolate or pour yourself something fizzy and get scrolling, watching and listening. Reminisce, smile and laugh over all the holidays, family milestones and achievements you’ve made throughout the years. If it’s a trip down memory lane, then find an old photo album and share stories from your childhood. You never know... you may even discover something new about your loved one. 

4. Wine, beer or Gin tasting date night 

With Pubs, Breweries and distilleries closed this year why not hold a tasting session of your own, at home? Choose a few bottles that you’ve always wanted to try and pop them into your favourite glasses. Once you’re ready, compare and contrast flavours and smells (don’t worry no one really knows what they’re talking about). If you really want to impress, print out information about each drink so you can share knowledge of each bottle as you sip. Include some nuts or olives served in a Gü ramekin to give that extra special level of sophistication.

5. Spa date night

Feel closer and pamper your partner this date night. Relax in your ‘at home’ spa. Run a hot bubble bath, light scented candles and warm-up that massage oil… Homemade face masks are a great option too. Finish it all off by snuggling up in fluffy dressing gowns and lighting tea lights in reused Gü ramekins. Yes, we know you have them stashed in your cupboard; they make for perfect tea light holders. 

6. Games date night

A little competition never hurt anyone and we know those board games are hiding somewhere. Dig out your favourite games or dust off that pack of cards to play with the one you love. If you find that 4 hours of monopoly just isn’t enough, try learning a video game that your partner enjoys, or spice things up with a bit of twister. Our Gü ramekins are perfect for holding dice, counters or even snacks to keep you fuelled!

7. Indulge in a dessert feast

Forget tasting menus, does anyone actually enjoy them anyway? Bring out your inner child and gather some of your favourite Gü desserts, or even ones you haven’t tried yet! Dive in with your partner and decide your favourites! 

8. Picnic in your living room 

A picnic is a perfect time to treat yourself and your significant other with yummy treats. Start by laying out a blanket and pouring some fizz or tea if you prefer. Then pass those ramekins round filled with your favourite nibbles and get cosy right in your living room. 

9. Breakfast in bed 

Forget date night, and make it a date day, starting with breakfast in bed. Make your favourite breakfast together or romantically surprise your significant other. Then tuck back into bed and enjoy! Don’t forget that there are no judgements here for having Gü for breakfast!

10. Spare room staycation 

If you don’t have a spare room, a sofa staycation is just as romantic. Turn your room into a holiday suite with a few upgrades. We as humans trigger our memories with our senses. A certain smell or sound can take you right back to a specific moment so why not recreate an incredible holiday that is close to both your hearts. Light that coconut candle, pour yourself a piña colada and have the ocean playlist in the background. All you need to do then is to turn the heating up and you are back to Barbados 1990. For an extra sweet touch put photos or souvenirs around the room to help take you back. 

10 At Home Date Night Ideas