The Secret Recipe

Gü-zillionaire cheesecake
Gü Milk Chocolate Mousse
Always Exploring.

We're not afraid to lead the way. We never have been. As the original pud pioneers we'll keep taking indulgence to the next level.

Enrich Every Moment.

Gü is all about making you feel good. It's the biggest measure that we're doing our job right.

Taste Indulgence.

Flavours, moments, ingredients and feel – the whole Gü family is about creating noticeable unapologetic indulgence.

Sophistication, Served.

From our rich and creamy recipes to the signature glass ramekin, we're always looking to have our customers saying 'ooh' and 'ahh'.

Gü Ingredients Lemon
Gü Ingredients Chocolate
Gü Ingredients Chocolate

Style & Substance.

"How?" you ask. How is it that we keep on making the best puds?

We just always focus on trying to make your day that little bit better and a whole lot more delicious.

We promise that with every spoonful, you'll taste devoted passion, professional pâtisserie experience and restaurant-quality desserts.

It's our job to create the most indulgent moments; it's your job to enjoy yourself.

Life's too short for bad puds, right?

If it's not the juiciest fruit we don't pick it.

If it’s not melt-in-the-mouth cocoa, it doesn’t go into melt-in-the-middle Gü.

Gü Ingredients Chocolate

"I am actually obsessed with these"


From the get-go, we mastered the world of the decadent pud.

We've always focussed on indulgent excellence and we'll always focus on making the moments that matter more delicious... you know the ones. Date night. Friday Night. There's-something-new-on-Netflix night.

Actually, who said it has to be a night at all? You just fancy a bit of 'me-time'. Long day or short, popping corks or not. You know where to find your favourite glass of the good stuff.

So indulge. And if the saying goes 'treat others how you want to be treated', then you better buy them Gü.

Gü hot puds