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Q: Our company: What does the name Gü mean?

Back when we were born in 2003 – we thought long and hard for a suitable name for our decadent treats. We began by playing around with the word goût – French for taste. However, gout in English refers to an unsightly disease of the foot; not at all appropriate for puds! We eventually came up with Gü (pronounced ‘goo’) – which evokes the gooey oozing nature of our puddings.

Q: Our company: Where are you based?

We are a British company with our Head Chef, Fred, hard at work in the kitchen at our UK factory. Our head office is located in Shepherds Bush, London.

Q: Our company: Who can I contact with a press enquiry?

Please contact:
Tel: 020 3128 6600

Q: Our company: I’d love to work for Gü do you have any vacancies? (I promise not to eat all the Soufflés)

At Gü we believe you should indulge yourself from time to time and we’re always looking for like-minded people to join the team! Click here for details of current vacancies and how to apply for them.

Q: Our company: I’m a student, do you have work placements available?

Send a CV and cover letter to our HR department outlining details of your course, area of interest and length of placement you are looking for and they will get in touch if a suitable opportunity arises.

Q: Our puds: Where can I buy your products?


We currently sell our puds in the following supermarkets: ASDA, Boots, Booths, Budgens, One-Stop, Co-Op, Costcutters, Hendersons (Northern Ireland) Londis, Morrisons, Nisa, Ocado’s, Tesco and Waitrose In the Republic of Ireland our products are stocked in Tesco, Dunnes, Superquinn and Eurospar.


Q: Our puds: I’ve recently enjoyed a Gü pud on a flight but can’t seem to find it in the shops – does it even exist or was I dreaming?

Fear not; it wasn’t a dream. We supply a range of treats exclusively for our airline partners, some of which aren’t available in store. Let us know which pud you enjoyed and we’ll pass your feedback on to our Product team and you never know, we may decide to make some of them available on the ground.

Q: Our puds: Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

Most of our products are suitable for vegetarians; however some do contain gelatine and are therefore not suitable. Check the ingredients list on our packaging, or the product range page on this website and those suitable for vegetarians will be labelled accordingly.

Q: Our puds: I’m pregnant, are your products suitable for me?

It’s always best to consult your doctor, but we can tell you that the eggs and cream that we use in our puds are pasteurised. Please be aware however that our Anytime Mousse, Chocolate Mousses and Hot Chocolate Soufflés contain eggs which are not pre-cooked during production.

Q: Our puds: I have a nut allergy, are your products suitable for me?

Some of our products have nuts in the ingredients such as our Maple and Pecan Pie, Salted Caramel Melting Middle and Melting Chocolate & Pecan Brownie Pud. All these products will have the nut allergy clearly indicated on the packaging and product information online. The remainder of our range will state that the puds are manufactured on a site that handles nuts.

Q: Our puds: Are your products suitable for coeliacs?

Some of our products have gluten in the recipe and this will always be indicated on the packaging and product information online. The remainder of our range may contain gluten traces due to shared production lines in our factory, although every effort is made to prevent cross contamination.

Q: Our puds: Do any of your products contain alcohol?

Our Maple & Pecan Pie puds contain alcohol. For our limited edition or seasonal puds it is always best to check the ingredients information on the packaging.

Q: Packaging: Can I recycle the ramekins?

Yes, please be good and recycle our ramekins – they can be included with other glass items in your weekly recycling. They are also made from 60% recycled glass.

Q: Packaging: I love the little glass ramekins but what can I do with them once I’ve finished my pud?

We recommend that you reuse your ramekins for the following:

  • As a plant pot for your garden herbs
  • To keep your stray buttons or loose coins in
  • As a tea light holder for a romantic night in
  • To serve your nibbles in with a glass of wine

However, once you have enjoyed your puds, we do not recommend that you reheat or freeze your ramekin, as this can cause them to crack. We also do not recommend you put them in the dishwasher, as this can cause them to crack too.

Q: Business enquiries: What shall I do if I want to sell your products?

If you’re an independent retailer or café/restaurant you can purchase our puds for resale at three retail groups Londis, Nisa and Budgens by signing up to their wholesale service. Alternatively, drop us a line if you have a business proposal you want our sales team to consider.

Q: Business enquiries: Can I sell your puds if I live outside the UK?

We are always keen to introduce other citizens of the world to the joys of Gü. Drop us a line with information on your business proposal and we will forward it on to our International team for their consideration.

Q: Business enquiries: How can I get access to competitions or other fun stuff you are up to?

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep in the loop with any competitions we might be running as well as information on events, samplings and other fun stuff.